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Restorative Storytelling for Change.

The Training Covers:

Attendees will have the opportunity to tell their own story using different reflective prompts and exercises. The course is interactive and those  participating will discover the craft of facilitating storytelling programmes with confidence.

All our training/workshops can be tailored to suit your needs and community context. All our training is trauma and community resilience informed

Leadership, Advocacy and Campaigning

Why should I attend VTV’s Leadership, Advocacy and Campaigning training?

Whether you’re working to influence grassroots, communities, policy makers, or those in positions of power, technology has made the world of advocacy accessible to campaigns of all sizes.

Our training will teach advocates how to put our storytelling tools, technologies, and best practices together to develop a strong advocacy campaign.

You will learn how to:

All our VTV programmes help to  reinforce resilience, reflection,  empathy, communication, self-care, and direction. We are building  solitary, creating a community which realises and reaches for its full potential.

all our outreach sessions are cofacilitated with a person with lived experience

Outreach Workshops

Promoting Positive Mental Wellbeing Session – Stories of Hope and Recovery!

Feedback from a John Lyster - Head of Loughshore Education Centre Belfast

Community Resilience Model © (CRM) Training

The Community Resiliency Model © (CRM) are wellness skills developed by using the latest knowledge in neuroscience. CRM training helps   individuals build their own personal resilience by understanding the  biology of stress reactions. Enabling the participants to help gain an  awareness of what is happening to their mind and body when stressed. Our training teaches us new skills to bring the body and mind back into a natural balance also known as our resilience zone.

It has been proven by practicing CRM skills, an individual’s wellbeing   improves and resilience grows.

Voicing the Void can tailor CRM Training to suit your group or community needs. CRM training is straightforward and effective and a powerful way to  improve and save lives.

Since taking part in CRM training, I am so much more aware of my own nervous system and how it impacts my mind and body. I find it easier to get myself back into my resilience zone and use the coping skills learned in the training. Would highly recommend.

– Previous participant

VTV’s Restorative Storytelling Training and Workshops

We run regular programmes and training workshops throughout the year.
Keep an eye on our social media platforms for more information.

Upcoming Storytelling Workshops:

Unfortunately, we don’t currently have any training courses  scheduled at the minute. However, if you would like to book a bespoke training course for your organisation or group, please get in touch using the details provided below.

If you are a registered charity discount rates may apply.

In our ‘VTV’ storytelling workshop you’ll learn how to empower, enable and encourage participants to tell engaging stories that persuade, influence and inspire personal and societal change.

Why work with ‘Voicing the Void’?

All training is co-facilitated alongside someone who has previously benefited from a ‘VTV’ storytelling programme
The founder of ‘VTV’ has won awards for his work in social change, with more than 15 years’ experience working in the community sector
We create opportunities for young people who attend courses to build a network of contacts with professionals in the community and charity sector
Training can be tailored to meet the need of the community/charity groups or other organisations referring young people onto courses
We create opportunities for participants who attend storytelling courses to gain further support by working or volunteering as facilitators on future storytelling courses